Short-term project “Golden Autumn!” - presentation

Project “Fairytale Autumn”. Preparatory group.

1. GCD:

"Speech development"

Proverbs, sayings, riddles about autumn.

Reading: I. Sokolov - Mikitov “Leaf Faller”, Yu. Tuvim “Vegetables”, A. Pushkin “The sky was already breathing in autumn...”, A. K. Tolstoy “Autumn, our whole poor garden is crumbling...”, F. Tyutcheva “There is in the original autumn”, N. Egorova “Leaf fall”

Retelling of the works of K. Ushinsky “Four Desires”, N. Pavlova “Openki”, V. Chaplina “Forest in Autumn”;

Compiling descriptive stories about vegetables and fruits;

Creative storytelling “What did I see in the park?”

Learning by heart: A. Fet “The Swallows Are Missing”, E. Trutneva “Autumn”

"Cognitive Development"

Examination and examination of dummies and stencils of vegetables, fruits, leaves, illustrations and postcards dedicated to autumn.

Conversations: “Why do trees shed their leaves”, “What has autumn brought us?”,

“The benefits of vegetables and fruits”, “Mushrooms”, “Late autumn”, “Fauna and flora of the autumn forest”.

"Artistic and aesthetic development"

Drawing “Rowan Twig”, “Autumn Day”, “Still Life”, “Golden Autumn”, “Gifts of Autumn”, “Autumn Tree”

Modeling “Tree in autumn, “Mushrooms””, “Rowan branch”

Application “Applique from leaves”, “Canning vegetables”, “Autumn tree”, “Hedgehog”, “Mushroom glade”

Manual labor “A small bird”

Construction "Mushroom"

Examination of reproductions of paintings: I. S. Ostroukhov “Golden Autumn”, I. I. Levitan “Golden Autumn”, G. Myasoedov “Autumn Landscape”, V. Polenov “Golden Autumn”, P. Konchalovsky “First Snow”.

Listening to musical works by P. I. Tchaikovsky “Seasons”, A. Filippenko “Dance of Autumn Leaves”, A. Vivaldi “Autumn”, I. Korenevsky “In Autumn”, V. Tyulpanova “Fairy Forest”

Round dance game “What autumn brought us”

Songs “Rain” (lyrics by Yu. Verizhnikov, “Beautiful Autumn” (Music and lyrics by G. Azamatova-Bass)

2. Didactic games:

“What happens in autumn?”, “Find out by description”, “Wonderful bag”, “What juice, what jam?”, “What’s extra?”, “What grows where?”, “Find a tree by description”, “From which tree leaf?”, “When does this happen?”, “Edible and poisonous mushrooms.”

3. Cultural and leisure activities:

Exhibition of crafts “Colorful Autumn”, “Autumn Olympics”

4. Discs with songs about autumn.

5.Participation in competitions:

Eco-festival "Turipów" (cranberry). Competition "Best Herbarium of Summer"

All-Russian creative competition “Best master class on the theme “Autumn”, nomination “Non-traditional drawing techniques”, drawing “Autumn tree”

All-Russian creative competition “Best master class on the theme “Autumn”, nomination “From natural material”, manual labor “Small Bird”

All-Russian creative competition for the best decoration in the autumn period “Autumn has come to visit us”

Presentation for a lesson on the topic “Autumn”


Look at this picture. What an unusual nature! What colorful leaves - red, yellow, orange! Why is everything so colorful? This means autumn has come! Let's get to know this time of year better!

In autumn, the leaves on the trees begin to change color. From green they turn into red, yellow, crimson. Look how colorful the forest is in autumn!

The leaves change color because as autumn approaches, the sun shines less and less, and they do not have enough sunlight to remain green.

In autumn it starts to get cold outside. People dress warmer than in summer - in warm hats, coats and jackets, and change into boots.

Gradually the days become shorter and the nights longer. It gets dark quickly in the evening. Often by the end of the walk it is already completely dark outside.

Along with the cold weather, the rains begin in autumn. The autumn rain is drizzling more and more often.

People walk under umbrellas, there are a lot of puddles on the street.

The mornings are foggy.

The mornings are foggy.

The mornings are foggy.

Gusts of wind tear yellow, crimson and purple leaves from the trees, which cover the ground with a colorful carpet.

It's time for leaf fall. Leaves fall from the trees and cover everything around.

Gradually the trees lose all their leaves, their branches remain completely bare. Late autumn is coming.

Look closely - all the leaves have fallen from the trees, the sky is covered with gray clouds. Such nature happens in late autumn.

In late autumn, the sun rarely appears and the days become cloudy. Do you see how dark the sky is in this picture?

In autumn, the sky is often cloudy and covered with gloomy clouds.

In late autumn it gets even colder. There are frosts at night - frost appears on the leaves and grass:

The cold freezes the puddles:

In autumn, many birds fly south to warm countries. They fly away because it is very cold in autumn and winter, the birds have nothing to eat - insects and plants - grass and tree leaves - disappear.

In autumn, animals begin to prepare for winter.

Many animals, like people, begin to “warm up” in the fall – their fur becomes thicker and fluffier. With such thick and fluffy fur, they definitely won’t freeze in winter!

Many animals change the color of their fur: look - this bunny was gray in the summer - in such a fur coat it was easy for him to hide from foxes and wolves against the backdrop of grass and trees. And by the end of autumn, the bunny turned white - in order to be less noticeable on the white snow in winter.

In autumn, animals try to make more food reserves for the winter. After all, getting food in winter is not so easy!

They put mushrooms, berries, roots and nuts in holes and hollows.

In autumn, many vegetables and fruits ripen.

People are harvesting.

On the fields:

In gardens and orchards:

Let's remember all the signs of autumn again. Together with your mother, name each of them:

Autumn is a very beautiful time of year!


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