Educational games for children
Features of the organization and types of activities with children of senior preschool age
From birth, the baby develops, learning about the world around him. An important role in the development of small
Rules for organizing sensory education according to Montessori
CHAPTER 2. Diagnosis of sensory development in young children
Maria Montessori believed that a child's intelligence and his knowledge of the world always originate
Children and parents play ball in nature
Consultation for educators “Health corner in kindergarten in accordance with the Federal State Educational Standard for Educational Education” educational and methodological material (group) on the topic
Introducing preschoolers to a healthy lifestyle is one of the important tasks of a kindergarten. AND
notes for the children's center
Summary of the developmental lesson “Journey to the Land of Emotions” for children 5–6 years old
In recent days I have received many questions about our new notes and therefore decided
How to write a methodological developmentmethodological development on the topic
photo from the website There are creative teachers in the world who have something to share with colleagues
Cognitive and research activities in the second junior group of kindergarten
Lesson on cognitive and research activities in the second junior group of kindergarten Children 3–4 years old have
Project "Formation of a healthy lifestyle for children 3-4 years old"
11722 8 minutes Published: October 26, 2016 (0) A healthy lifestyle has already become a full-fledged family culture.
March 8. Calendar-thematic planning for children of the preparatory group
Work plan for the week If the theme of the week is “Women’s Day”, in the preparatory group it should
Conversation with children of the middle group “My beloved, the most beautiful”
Card file of conversations in the middle group Usually thematic blocks are included in the notes: Day of Knowledge; autumn;
Riddles about onions and garlic for children
About the benefits of onions for children. A story about onions for children
A gentleman came from the garden, covered in patches. Riddles about onions for children 6-7 years old.
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